Acompalia Activa – Run Honza, run! 2017

Honza is a keen supporter of Acompalia offering his time and expertise in the IT department. He is also the one behind Acompalia’s Web development. In his spare time, when not geeking away in the solitary confinement of his windowless office, he runs up and down the mountains of Vélez de Benaudalla.

Honza hails from a mountainous region of Czech Republic and does not shy away from these local goat tracks but sees them more as a positive challenge. His New Year’s Eve resolution was to run 400 km, target which, he smashed on October, 29th. He runs once a week, every Sunday morning with his running buddies, forfeiting his Czech roots of drinking beer and being Bohemian on a Saturday night.

Need inspiration to start running? 5 years ago, Honza could run just about 1 km whilst being out of breath. He began with interval training 3 years ago, starting his running activity very slowly, using Runtastic running app on his phone. A typical run now will be 1.5 hours, 12 kilometres, with an average pace of 7 minutes 38 seconds per kilometre.

He has been running 35 times this year and, so far this year, has covered over 420 km. It took him 54 hours to run this distance. His specialised track running shoes have taken a real hammering and will need replacing but thankfully, there are no injuries to report, thus far! Fitness for the over 40’s rocks!

To celebrate this healthy lifestyle and great achievement, you can sponsor Honza and donate to Acompalia. Registration number G-18976456 Tax deductible – Public Utility Number: 7965

Acompalia Activa:

Be active for yourself and our great cause

We can define two types of charity sporting events: those organised for a charitable purpose, and those whose main objective is not this, but during which the organisation undertakes to donate part of the money collected. For the latter generally, the money paid towards registration by participants is destined (in part or in total) to some charitable action, Often, athletes, professionals or amateurs, decide to participate more in charitable races than races with no charitable purpose.

There are thousands and thousands of athletes who participate in races, the potential for fundraising is tremendous.

Whether you wish to organise such a charitable sporting event, or are joining an existing event and wish as a person, a team or a club raise funds for our charity, we can help by creating for you a dedicated page on our Website.

In addition, if you know any sporting event organiser, whether charitable or not, contact Acompalia to see if we could arrange a meeting with the organisers and talk about being one of their charities of choice.

Don’t hesitate and get in touch with the team at

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    1. Hi Meg, thank you for your support and I apologise for such a delay in my response. I’ve got a new challenge for this year. I’m going to try to run 600 km. That’s not only 200 km more than last year, but I’m also behind schedule thanks to my intensive training for the Spanish national championships in Kenpo, in February. I did really well, thus I don’t mind being behind. I should be on 150 km and so far I managed just a little bit over 70 km. I am going to push on now, to catch up with my schedule.

      Once again thank you for your support and please spread the word and perhaps if you can and want, make a donation. It doesn’t matter how big or small, it gives me that extra bit of motivation when I’m struggling to get up on Sunday morning. 🙂 Thank you. <3

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