Meet one of Acompalia Angels: Fernando Gallegos Cabrera

For a charity to be able to help others, we need the right mix of various ingredients: dedicated volunteers, generous donors, recurring subsidies, supporting members. At Acompalia, we also are blessed to have supporters that keep on going the extra mile and we are proud to call them Acompalia Angels!



Name: Fernando Gallegos Cabrera
Date of birth: 19th November 1967
Residence: Lanjaron, Granada
Profession: Musician
Marital Status: Married to Lindsay Ostervig


Fernando’s family owned the Gallegos Olive Mill in Lanjaron and he worked there from an early age gaining his love of olive oil and his desire to produce his own organic, cold pressed extra virgin oil which he now mills in a small artisanal Molino by hand each year.


His music is his biggest love and he plays both solo and in a group: La Ley de Murphy.  Fernando showcased his talent at the latest Acompalia Fundraising Event: Flamenco por Acompalia. Go to our Facebook page and check out the many professional photos as well as the video of his performance.

La Ley de Murphy is an acoustic bolero duo singing romantic Spanish songs, perfect for receptions and intimate gatherings.  He has many other musical projects composing and singing with various artists in the region.

His contribution to Acompalia has been enormous.  La Ley de Murphy as well as his former group Los Gin Tonic have supported Acompalia over the last 6 years and are well known to our members.  On top of this, he is our ambassador in the music world and from his friendship with other artists, we have been able to put together Flamencos por Acompalia, our charity concert led by Acompalia patron Pepe Luis Carmona Habichuela.

But Fernando’s contribution doesn’t stop there; he has given us the premises for our Centre in Lanjaron on a rent-free basis for two years now.   Without this cushioned start, we could not have opened the shop and treatment centre which is so important to the charity.  Having a physical base has brought much confidence and credibility to Acompalia.

Watch the video recorded by Alberto Gálvez Chaves enjoy here!

So, thank you Fernando for your affection, great smile and unconditional generosity – you are definitively an Acompalia Angel!

Photo credit: Fotógrafo Antonio Sedano

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