Acompalia Centro Re-opened!

Thanks to our volunteers’ muscles, unceasing enthusiasm and goals to re-open our centre for the public at the beginning of September, we have transformed the plan into reality. It will be our pleasure to welcome you!

Our center in Lanjaron welcame their first new visitors post refurbishment on Tuesday, September 5th! Their smile speak volumes!

Thank you everyone for your continuous support and your generosity! And don’t forget that to donate, you can pop into the shop on Friday from 10h30 till 14h00.

The centre offers :  complementary therapies, second hand, small refreshment and internet!

If you like to first talk about your items that you would like to donate, please visit our page “Give Items” where you get in touch with us and also see where we are on the google map.

Or contact our manager Nattie Andrews directly for more info or send us an email on

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