Acompalia at the Cudeca Summer School

June 12th to 14th, Cudeca and the International Collaborative for Best Care for the Dying Person held a three-day conference with plenary sessions and round tables to further the talk about how to improve care for people at the end of their lives. The event was by invitation only, and gathered 35 attendees from 10 different countries. It was an honour for Acompalia to have been invited.

“Established in 2014, the International Collaborative for Best Care for the Dying Person brings together a group of leading thinkers, practitioners, and researchers from 21 countries, who share a vision for a world where all people experience a good death as an integral part of their individual life, supported by the very best personalised care.” Professor John Ellershaw

Cudeca, the palliative care charity of reference in Andalusia brought 25 years ago to Spain the concept of “Hospice” when Joan Hunt, OBE founder of Cudeca, and Dr Marisa Martin, oncologist, medical director and also general manager of Cudeca, joined forces in a bid to pioneer a new way to approach palliative care in Southern Spain. Supported by an army of volunteers, dedicated benefactors, personalities, companies as well as institutions, Cudeca has been advancing on many grounds end of life care in a bid to ensure quality of life until the very end and respect of the terminally-ill patient’s dignity. In addition, the teams at Cudeca have developed over the years trusted methods of training medical staff and non-medical volunteers and have been collaborating on an international level with renowned professionals like Professor John Ellershaw, Dr Susie Wilkinson, Dr Catriona Mayland, UK, Dr Villma Tripodor, Argentina, Dr Javier Rocafort, Spain or Prof Mark Boughey, to only name a few.

Over the three days of the Summer School, participants were encouraged to brainstorm and work in groups around themes like methods and models of quality assurance in care of the patients or implementation of the international programme. The conference closed and was followed by a public talk by Prof. Enric Benito on The values that constitute our identity, as part of Cudeca celebrating its 25th anniversary.

As a non-medical not-for-profit association, Acompalia took this opportunity to learn from the best in the field and further its plan on how best to develop and grow its project of building a hospice in Playa Granada, Motril, Granada Province. The building itself will be developed in three stages, as you can rediscover here, as the funds needed to realise such an ambitious project are forecast to reach the 5 million euros.

Acompalia also met the week after with Dr Marisa Martin and Susan Hannam, director of nurses at the Cudeca Foundation, in an effort to strengthen our collaboration but most importantly deepen our knowledge of how to best conduct palliative care in Andalusia while collaborating with the other major actors in the field like Aecc and SAS (Sistema Andaluz de Salud).

We want to extend our thanks to the Cudeca Foundation and the International Collaborative for Best Care for the Dying Person for giving us the incredible opportunity to be part of such a high-level and exclusive encounter.

(Main photo: Susan Hannam – director of nurses at the Cudeca, Françoise Rajewski – President of Acompalia and Dr Marisa Martin – oncologist, director and general manager of Cudeca)

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