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Thanks to all the events organised by our wonderful volunteers, the great support from our local and regional media partners, and the spectacular Flamenco concert organised by our Patron Pepe Luis Habichuela Carmona. the Acompalia name and our social goals have gained tremendous momentum thus far in 2017, But what exactly is Acompalia doing to help Palliative Care patients and their families? Discover more in our article

Dear Readers,

It is always a pleasure to hear all your feedback whether it is in person at the various events we organise, at our Centre in Lanjaron when you come to generously donate, enjoy a complementary therapy session, come for a coffee and a chat or buy that retro-fashion jacket you have had your eyes on for a few weeks.

Often also we are asked what are the different ways we fundraise and what do we do “concretely” with the money we fundraise. Today, we would like to share with you, in more details, and always in full transparency, what all your generosity and fundraising efforts help us achieve.

A volunteer programme articulated around our social goal

Acompalia social goal = Acompalia Cuida:

  • In the hospital Santa Ana de Motril, in the South of Granada (Costa Tropical and Alpujarra) or at home, Acompalia offers an Acompanion service. This means that trained bilingual volunteers accompany patients and family members on visits to the doctor and assist them when nurses and physicians visit them at home.
  • So far in 2017, we have helped no less than 10 patients and family members.
  • As examples of our work: Recently, one of our volunteers helped by picking up the patient from home, driving him to the hospital and attending the consultation to translate as the need arose. Another volunteer has helped liaise with a family member in the United Kingdom, since her parents were in such distress they no longer knew who to turn to. Whether we are able to provide local physical assistance or remote digital support, we will do our utmost to ensure every person who contacts us is assisted. We also ensure a continuous follow-up with everyone asking for help and will refer any parties to the appropriate professional contact. Sometimes, we are asked for assistance outside of our reach; in such cases we aim to contact a sister association operating within the region where assistance is needed.
  • In addition, Acompalia offers a helpline (by phone and email) that provides practical help and a sympathetic ear to patients and their families when they need it most. At the end of one’s life, we may also need some legal advice. With the help of trusted bilingual registered professionals, Acompalia helps ensure that the patient and his / her family obtain the appropriate legal advice, ensuring that all formalities are taken care of and that the wishes of loved ones are respected. Finally, once the patient has taken his/her last breath, we also provide a grief support service.

Acompalia volunteers are with the patients and families, from the early stages until the very end.

Acompalia offers all its services for free.

How are we able to do so?

Acompalia is articulating its fundraising efforts around 6 main hubs so far:

Fundraising, the essence of a charity!

 Fundraising events are vital to Acompalia’s future services and plans. We welcome help with the following:

Acompalia Tienda:

A hub at the heart of our community: we aim to offer in one space a previously owned clothes, goods and books shop, a centre for complementary therapies with a dedicated treatment room, and a rental service for mobility aids.

The centre is always looking for volunteers. Maybe you would like to help with the promotion of the store and the activities organised in the centre, maybe you fancy going to the market with a charity table or maybe you wish to help us raise our not-for-profit profile by helping us gain more members and raise funds, either in person or on social media.

Don’t hesitate and get in touch with the team at

 Acompalia Artistica:

Emma Plunkett, leader of Acompalia Artistica project

Acompalia is motivating artists to act, exhibit, do workshops, presentations and anything else they think would be interesting for a multitude of art lovers. The objective is, as always, to increase the visibility of Acompalia and to raise funds with creativity. Not directed exclusively at professional artists, anyone with an interest in the arts is welcome, for example writing press releases, advertising, marketing, event photography, event creation, public relations, administration, curating, design, hospitality and project management, etc., should get in touch. In addition, if someone wants to organise a charity event for Acompalia and use the Acompalia Artistica logo, contact Acompalia and Emma to talk about the idea. For art events, a minimum of 10% of the gross profit must be donated to Acompalia. Acompalia can help with different types of articles, brochures and PR to promote events.

Don’t hesitate and get in touch with the team at

 Acompalia Activa:

Be active for yourself and our great cause

We can define two types of charity sporting events: those organised for a charitable purpose, and those whose main objective is not this, but during which the organisation undertakes to donate part of the money collected. For the latter generally, the money paid towards registration by participants is destined (in part or in total) to some charitable action, Often, athletes, professionals or amateurs, decide to participate more in charitable races than races with no charitable purpose.

There are thousands and thousands of athletes who participate in races, the potential for fundraising is tremendous.

Whether you wish to organise such a charitable sporting event, or are joining an existing event and wish as a person, a team or a club raise funds for our charity, we can help by creating for you a dedicated page on our Website.

In addition, if you know any sporting event organiser, whether charitable or not, contact Acompalia to see if we could arrange a meeting with the organisers and talk about being one of their charities of choice.

Don’t hesitate and get in touch with the team at

Acompalia Musica:

Lindsay Ostervig and Fernando Gallegas, leaders of the Acompalia Musica project

The organisation of charity concerts allows us to help those who need it the most, since culture, leisure and entertainment are key to helping others and raising the necessary funds to grow as a charity. Charity concerts have proven to be not only a great fundraising tool, but they help us gain more visibility and a wider coverage in the media, while reaching even more people. Fundraising becomes Fun Raising at its best, and Lindsay and Fernando set the pace last summer with our Patron, renowned flamenco artist, Pepe Luis Carmona Habichuela.

If you know any organiser of a musical event, classical music, rock, jazz, etc., whether charitable or not, contact Acompalia to see if we could arrange a meeting with the organisers and talk about being one of their charities of choice.

Don’t hesitate and get in touch with the team at

Acompalia Gastronomia:

Good food, good company, from tapas to fine dining

Our local volunteers are simply great at organising amazingly fun and tasty fundraising events! Whether we gather together for a wine tasting, a curry, a coffee and cake party or choose one of the numerous fine dining option Andalusia has to offer, no need to say any gastronomic events is always a success. Already, we know our extended Acompalia family enjoy the good things in life and we are always looking forward to the next culinary journey. So, think about Acompalia the next time you are getting together with friends and why not put one of our fundraising box at the centre of the table, as you well know, every little help.

On another note, if you wish to step up as leader or volunteer of the Acompalia Gastronomia Hub, to help us set up regular foodie events from tapas routes to haute cuisine, don’t hesitate and get in touch with the team at

Acompalia Terapia:

Take time for yourself, gift a relaxing moment to someone in need

In our Lanjaron Centre or even at times at home, our complementary therapists offer you a wide range of services to help you relax, from Ear acupuncture to Schuessler tissue salts, and also Dorn Back Alignment Therapy, Breuss Back Massage, Sound Therapy with Tibetan Singing bowls, Bach Flowers, etc.

Whether you wish to gift yourselves a well-deserved treatment, know someone in need of one but also if you are a practitioner willing to join our team, don’t hesitate and get in touch with the team at

For each treatment done at the centre, a minimum of 30% of the funds raised are given to Acompalia. Remember also that patients and their immediate families are eligible for free treatments!

Acompalia would not be the fantastic not-for-profit it is without its legion of volunteers, members and followers. However, we need your support more than ever as, at present, we rely solely on donations to offer our services for free. This is why today, I am thanking you warmly for your continuous support and dedication but I am also asking you to keep on donating to help us provide free assistance to palliative care patients and their families. Please support us further by becoming a member for only 15€ a year.

Thank you and Viva la vida!

Fran Rajewski

President, Acompalia

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