Get Fit with 5 x 50

New to exercise or looking to challenge yourself? Join me, Françoise Rajewski with Acompalia Activa for the charity fundraising challenge 5×50, a special fundraiser for Acompalia.

2018, and now presiding the charity, I am back to the fundraising challenge that made me discover Acompalia: 5×50
In 2014, I discovered Acompalia, a regional charity led at the time by the wonderful Lindsay Ostervig and her board. As I was taking part in a charity event promoting a healthy lifestyle, 5×50, I offered in 2014, 2015 and 2016 to give the funds raised by our circle of friends to help them. In 2017, I was asked to participate in another challenge: heading Acompalia to maintain the offer of free Palliative Care services for terminally-ill patients in the Costa Tropical and La Alpujarra.
I remembered thinking to myself the first year, no way will I ever be able to walk 5 kilometres a day for 50 days… but somehow, motivated by the team, I did.
Be part of this amazing project and help me to raise money for Acompalia! Your 5×50 challenger, Fran.

Why did I choose to resume fundraising with the 5×50 event you may wonder?
Well, many times life has seen me having to reach deep down and press the reset button because of illnesses. The first trimester of 2018 struck me hard health-wise, so I am ready to press Reset, once more. While I thought I was well on the fitness path, hospitalisation and compulsory bed rest saw me having to wait weeks before getting back on the exercise path once more. And I don’t want to lie, it is not easy to CHOOSE to exercise daily. Was I ever tempted at any challenge to throw the towel? More time than I care to admit – BUT I know I have recovered all those times because my level of fitness had been reasonable. So 5×50 2018, here I come.”

How can you support this Acompalia Activa fundraising?
If you would like to support this project, and help raise funds for Acompalia, choose one of those three options:
a) The easiest way is simply to sponsor the event on the Acompalia website Fill in the online forme and the amount you wish to pledge. The only exercise you need to do is to press the Donate button! Although you can, of course, do more if you wish!
b) An alternative is to join our Acompalia team on Teaming Donate 1€/month and that way, ensure that Acompalia volunteers can continue their services free to patients and their families.
c) Last bu not least, if you would like to take an active part in the event itself, you can go to the webpage www.5× and register as a participant. You will be asked to pay the 5 pounds sterling registration fee, and you could then invite your friends to sponsor you. Remember, this is not a competition, nor will you get a medal if you complete the challenge. What you will get, however, is the satisfaction you are doing something GREAT for yourself and that the funds you raise will go towards a great cause.

Even if you choose a) above you are never too fit – or too unfit! to do some exercise! Staying in shape is a key to longevity. You owe it to yourself to do a little a bit of moving and shaking every day!
If you have any questions about this challenge, contact me, Fran Rajewski, at

Last words:
I think that health should be at the core of everyone’s life and that keeping fit is a key to longevity. As a population, we have become more and more sedentary and love to find excuses not to exercise. But EVERYONE can find 30 mins a day to improve their fitness, whether you like, walking, running, jogging, swimming, zumba, rumba, samba, salsa, martial arts, cycling – anything goes! Join Acompalia Activa and challenge yourself!

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