Guest Artist at the Acompalia Summer Ball

Organizers of the second Acompalia Summer Ball prepared lovely surprise for all guests, when renowned flamenco singer Pepe Luis Carmona Habichuela, who recently became Acompalia Patron, sang his latests hits acompaniet by flamenco dancer his lovely wife Antonia Heredia after the gala dinner.

The Acompalia Supporters Group in Castel del Ferro were the organisers of the spectacularly successful second Summer Ball. Set in Casa de Los Bates near Motril, this was an evening of elegant enjoyment, a chance to dress up and wander through the beautiful formal gardens, glass of cava in hand while eating delicious canapés – a speciality of the house. During the reception guest were serenaded with the romantic songs of the Bolero group La Ley Morphy.

Then on to dinner! This fabulous country house is the perfect backdrop for its al fresco dining room, with tables surrounding the fountain.

As part of the festivities the organisers arranged a special treat for all the guests after the Gala Dinner – a performance by the renowned Flamenco singer Pepe Luis Carmona Habichuela and his lovely wife, Flamenco dancer Antonia Heredia. Pepe Luis sang a selection of songs from his latest CD, ‘La Vida Llega’, and Antonia performed an exciting Flamenco dance. Following Pepe’s performance, the popular band Los Gin Tonic provided music for dancing followed by a disco late into the night.

We are delighted to announce that Pepe Luis is to be our Patron; he comes from a famous flamenco family which includes Antonio Carmona, Josemi Carmona and Carlos Carmona. All 4 cousins are highly respected international musicians. Of course we are hoping that, through this new connection, Acompalia supporters will be able enjoy a privileged entry to the highest level of the art of flamenco at future events.  Pepe  Luis’ wife, Antonia Heredia, is a flamenco dancer in Granada’s Sacramonte district and is also keen to support our project.

You can listen to Pepe Luis latest hit here.

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