II Forum Granada-Motril: Acompalia involved in the business movement of its province

Participation to the event organized by City Councils and CdC of both cities.

On November 21st, at the Port Authority of Motril, took place the II Granada-Motril Forum, where both authorities and companies, public and private, across the province exchange their ideas to achieve greater collaboration and joint growth of both cities.
In addition to listening to the really interesting talks of personalities such as Mr. Jesús Banqueri, Director of the Research Office of the University of Granada, Mr. Jesús García, Manager of the La Caña Group, Mr. Emilio Palomar, President of the Association of Businessmen of the Asegra Industrial Park. o Mr. Antonio Jara, President of the CajaGranada Foundation, among others, both Françoise Rajewski, President, and Mabel Tarragona, Secretary of Acompalia had the opportunity to interact and initiate contact with some companies and businessmen from Motril and Granada.
Always looking for mutual collaborations, it is easy to understand that the growth of Acompalia is linked to the growth of Motril and Granada.
Getting involved and knowing first-hand the idiosyncrasy of this province will be fundamental to achieve our objectives.

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