Informative talk of the ASV Group and De Cotta Law.

Grupo ASV helps with actions to take in case of death.

On Wednesday, November 22nd, Acompalia had the pleasure of being invited to attend a talk given by ASV and De Costa Law on how to “Be Prepared” for the death.

The only sure thing in life is that we all die. We never really know when that will happen only that it will.
It is a well-known fact that being prepared by planning and having those difficult conversations not only helps the family cope in a very emotional time but facilitates the final part of our lives, ensuring it enfolds according to our wishes. As a society, times have changed and the ability to discuss sensitive issues has become more acceptable with many tools to aid this discussion. However, the cultural differences of living in another country along with the plethora of conflicting information can cause misunderstanding, confusion and further distress.

With this talk, ASV wanted to shed some light on topics such as:

* What to do in case of death?
* What documents should we have with us?
* What are the differences between Natural Death or Judicial Death?
* Different types of funeral services.

De Cotta Law offered legal advice on all aspects of wills and Inheritances.

The talk concluded in the best possible way since we had the opportunity to enjoy a private meeting with ASV during which in which we were again guaranteed a donation for the social work ACOMPALIA does and the guarantee of continuous collaboration, even more important in 2018. Thanks to Grupo ASV and their fantastic team for their important contribution to optimal accompaniment for terminal patients.

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