Karaoke in Lovely Garden

Acompalia Fundraising Group from Castell de Ferro is inviting you to find your hidden talent and sing the night long. 22nd July from 3pm at Jenny & Tudor Garden “Hoyas Negras”

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    1. Dear Amy,
      thank you for your information. I am sending your email to Acompalia President – Francoise Rajewski.
      The address is actually only what you can see on the poster…it is close to Los Carlos village….from bridge there will be information signposted. This is the only information I can send you. Los Carlos is direction North from Castell de Ferro. Hoyas Negras is the name of the place, there are only 3 houses, there will be signs from the Red Bridge as to which track to follow, we normally mark the way with balloons.
      Hope this will help you to find the place. The organiser Maureen – her email just in case you would like to get in contact with her.
      Best Regards,

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