La Azucarera – Artists’ Submissions

An art exhibition of large scale art with no theme, in the impressive venue of the old Sugar Factory of Motril. A glossy brochure of the artists’ work will pay tribute to this inspiring event.

Submissions are be by invite only. Reserve your place, if you haven’t done so already, by sending an email to


Acompalia Artistica Leader Emma PlunkettThis is primarily a contemporary fine art exhibition organised by Acompalia Artistica leader Emma Plunkett on behalf of Acompalia. It is about you the artist, giving you the freedom to show exactly what you want, in a really beautiful setting. This exhibition is free from any commercial constraints or gallery restrictions. You can depart from what is expected of you creatively and reach out, to this our shared audience, with your pure artistic expression. Please submit your favourite works. We guarantee, for your subscription fee of 50€, that you will have at least one piece exhibited in this show, maybe more if there is space. You will also appear in the glossy brochure and be featured in the online marketing. Please enter your paintings, drawings, mixed media, new media, sculpture and artful photography. Please only submit photographs that are manipulated, printed or presented in an artful way.

The aim of this exhibition is to raise awareness and funds for Acompalia. Submission fees will go towards printing and marketing costs of the exhibition. Any money left over will be donated directly to Acompalia. All work carried out, to make this show happen, is on a voluntary basis. We very much hope you will support this event with not only your art but with some of your time and energy too; we ask for your support in marketing and we will need teams to help with hanging the show.

La Fábrica de Azucar de Nuestra Señora del Pilar in Motril – Sala de Arte

Terms and Conditions

  • This group exhibition is by invitation of Acompalia Artistica leader Emma Plunkett, only.
  • Artists are encouraged to submit large scale pieces, diptychs and triptychs will be accepted as one piece.
  • All art will initially be submitted online. Check submissions requirements below.
  • Subject is of your choice, no theme.
  • All sales will be conducted privately between the artist and buyer.
  • A minimum of 10% of the sale price will be donated to Acompalia.
  • Works must be exhibtion ready, paintings must be completely dry. Artworks to have two hoops, either side, not visible, on the back for hanging.
  • Plinths for sculptures to be provided by the artists.
  • 3m is the maximum hight for artworks to be hung on the walls.
  • Only well presented and well framed art will be accepted, unless it has been communicated otherwise.
  • Art with content that includes hardcore drugs, violence or sex will not be permitted.
  • Entries must not violate copyright laws.


  • Submission fee: 50€ per artist
  • The submission fee will go towards printing the publicity and the brochure. Anything left over will be donated to Acompalia.
  • Submissions open the 13th October.
  • Deadline for submissions 31st October or once the capacity is reached.
  • Subscriptions will be made on a first come first served basis.
  • Your place will only be confirmed once your submission fee has been received.
  • The submission fee is non refundable after the submission deadline.
  • Submission deadline is final.
  • Artworks will be selected by Emma and her team. The art selected will be in keeping with the look and feel of the exhibition as a whole. So please submit your preferred piece first.
  • No substitutions may be made, once work is juried into the show.

Items you will need for submissions

  • A recent photo of yourself for the publicity. A clear head and shoulders shot. 2MB max size.
  • Up to 6 images of you art with titles, materials used, dimensions and price.
  • Artist statement in English and Spanish
  • Which day you can invigilate
  • Credit / debit card for payment of fee.

Artists Requirements

  • Artists are required to volunteer for one evening to invigilate. Alas there is no internet in the venue. Opening times 19h – 22h Wednesday to Saturday. Please indicate which day you prefer in the calendar. Dates can be swapped amongst artists at a later date.
  • Artists are asked to give a talk on their day of invigilation and answer questions.
  • Artists will accept, in a good mood, about the placement of their art, which will have been thought out by the curator.
  • Artists are responsible for their own insurance before during and after the event. The venue is alarmed.
  • The Ayuntamiento, the venue and the organisers of the exhibition are not responsible for any breakages or theft. Though be sure, that every care will be taken about your art.
  • Artists are responsible for the delivery and collection of their art and for their packing materials to be taken away and brought back at the end of the show.
  • All artwork must be clearly labelled on the back with artist name, title and materials used.
  • Artworks must stay in place until the end of the expo.


  • Images of artists work, with no watermarks, will be used in relation to promoting this event only.
  • Images of artists work will be kept on file for future collaborations.
  • Artists will happily accept the design and look of all publicity material.
  • Artists will distribute posters and promote the event face to face, with a back up of handing out a flyer.
  • Artists will use their social media channels to advertise the show and share the FB event page.
  • If an artist needs to drop out, for whatever reason, and the publicity has already gone to print, they will have to make their own apologies to their audience personally for their art not appearing.
  • Artists who are participating in the exhibition agree to be photographed and filmed on the day.


  • Artists will be helpful and engage fully in the making of a smooth and enjoyable event.
  • All work on this event is done on a voluntary basis.
  • Artists are invited to give a talk on their art on the night they invigilate. These talks will be advertised.

Sales and Commission

  • This is primarily a non commercial exhibition.
  • Even though introductions will be made between artists and buyers, artists are responsible for conducting their own sales in their own time.
  • A minimum of 10% of all sales to be donated to Acompalia.
  • If you art sells as a consequence from any of the advertising on social media or printed media from this event, then you owe Acompalia 10%.
  • If your art sells after the event because someone from the audience made contact with you later, you owe Acompalia 10%
  • If you art sells on the night, you owe Acompalia 10%.
  • If buyers say what they bought, and you have not coughed up, you owe Acompalia 10% and will be excluded from all future exhibitions.
  • Commission can be paid online through the website.

Key Dates

  • Submissions open: 13th October 2017
  • Submissions close: Tuesday 31st October 2017
  • Pre-selection notification: Emma will email you at the start of November, about which pieces have been selected.
  • Art delivery days: 16th and 17th Nov, 11h – 17h
  • Hanging art: 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th Nov, 11h – 17h
  • Collection of unaccepted work: Wednesday 22nd Nov, 11h – 17h.
  • Exhibition opening: Saturday 25th November, 19h – 23h
  • Exhibition opening times: Wednesday to Saturday 19h – 22h
  • Exhibition closes: Saturday 16th Dec, 19h – 22h.
  • Art collection: 19th Dec 11h – 17h

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  1. Extremely clear Emma, thanks so much for all the work you and your husband are doing to make this happen. I hope it will be a great success, and will do my part in promoting it online and word of mouth. Fab !

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