La Azucarera – Closing night party video!

We had two cool bands play for the closing night, Xian-Ra! and Wazifa. The vibe was rocking – loads of visitors, performances, people drawing the aerialists and the last of the art lovers digesting the art on offer. See the video to get a glimpse of what it was like and read the summary of the whole event.

Total Raised

I am very pleased to say that this event raised a grand total of 2073,49€ for Acompalia.

A summary of the event by Emma Plunkett

My aim was to give the artists a platform to show their work in a beautiful setting, while raising funds and awareness for Acompalia. Directing this artistic exhibition has been a complete pleasure. The whole project was undertaken by all of us on a voluntary basis. Working with the whole team has been easy and enjoyable, though my work did prove to be intense and non stop for two whole months solid. Working alongside Gareth Lister, the curator, has been educational. He delivered a well thought out selection from the artists submissions. He chose deeper works than the obvious colourful styles that I would have gone for. He placed all the pieces several times, using his intuition as his guide, creating the special intimate feel of the upstairs part of the exhibition. The town hall people have also been very accommodating of the needs of the show and they gave us their full support, as well as the use of the impressive sugar factory for free. Acompalia secretary, Mabel Tarragona, was a huge help with communicating with the press and town hall and catering to my needs. Acompalia president Francesca Rajewski was the one who opened the doors for me to do this show, she kicked the whole project into action with her unrelenting enthusiasm. I feel very grateful that I got to be the one to organise this show.

Acompalia team, Fran, Mabel and Emma

Acompalia team – Fran, Mabel and Emma

The brochure

Working alongside my husband, Jan Pozivil, as I always do when organising exhibitions, we decided upon making a brochure. This was a huge expense that the artists fee was designed to cover all the costs of, whilst still giving a sizeable donation to Acompalia. Each artists received two copies of the brochure each. It was designed by Jan, as a keep sake but also as a directory of artists as each has their contact details on their page. The rest of the brochures went for a donation and will hopefully encourage an ongoing relationship between art lovers and artists and there works for years to come.

La Azucarera art exhibition brochure

Photo by Emma Plunkett

La azucarera painting

All the publicity material used a custom painting which I created especially for the show. It’s a painting that came into being very naturally. We needed an image that represented everyone in the show and depicting the architecture seems to cover this. I started off by photographing the sugar factory from all angles, then I photoshopped about 10 pictures together to create an unrealistic composition with the buildings facing all directions and in various sizes. I stretched some heavy weight watercolour paper and painted a bright under painting using big brush marks of bright orange. Have you seen the sugar factory at sunset? It does actually glow a beautiful warm orange! I sketched out the the buildings, from the composition, over the underpainting. I painted in the sky to mask and give form to the architecture. And voila! Postcards with this painting are on the Acompalia stall for a donation. And the original painting is still available! (10% of the sale price goes to Acompalia.) Community writer, Jane Skellett pictured here, helped enormously with all her volunteering to make things run smoothly.

Painting of la azucarera by Emma Plunkett

Photo by Jo Chipchase


Looking back over my albums from the show, it’s interesting to see the progress from bare walls when I first gained entrance into the empty majestic space up till now with all the people rocking on the last night. The sugar factory became so colourful and alive. I felt like I built up a relationship with the space, at first it was so colossal but it soon became my friend. Architect Alberto Martinez did such a fantastic job of the refurbishments, it was a blessing to work in there for many reasons.

Interior of the sugar factory motril

Photo by StrangeDaze


I made several films over the duration of the show:
The setting up
The inauguration with Toni Connolly and Louis Gomez
The aerial artists, by Myriada – Art in Movement
Fernando Gallegos Cabrera performing his songs over views of the art
The Chamber Players, aerial artists and a deeper look at details of the art
The closing night party! with Wazifa
The high lights with music by Xian-Ra!

Photography by StrangeDaze

My overall feeling now

Is one of achievement, satisfaction and my self esteem is still riding high. I worked with all my friends, I blagged them all and they all stood up to the challenge and gave of themselves 100% for this worthy cause. And what a talented bunch! I love seeing what people can do. Did you get up close and see all the detail and work that went into all those paintings? When you get up close the textures are amazing. The quality of the photography too, so well executed and framed and the sculptures, so enthralling. The Gracing Danger aerial artists, all that training they do for us to enjoy their strength and beauty. They added such a wonderful unexpected dimension to the whole event. And it was so great to see so many folk eagerly engaging in drawing them.
Gracing Danger – aerial drawing club by Sebastian Lowsley-Williams

Gracing Danger aerial drawing club

StrangeDaze Photography


We did not have many sales considering the hundreds of people who passed through the gallery, just 4 so far. Maybe it’s still the financial climate we have been experiencing since the crisis? There has however been lots of interest in the many amazing pieces and hopefully some more sales will take place over the coming months. I know some artists are not interested in selling their artworks, and it’s not all about sales, art needs to be seen and experienced and we have achieved this, reaching a wide audience. Also all the artists have great photos of their artwork in such a fantastic setting for their portfolios. The artists also got to meet each other, learn from one another and make friends. Also, all the artists contact details or websites are in the brochure, to make it easy for them to be contacted in the future.
The last piece sold twice and so another is being made as a commission.

Acompalia Artistica artworks

Photo by Emma Plunkett

My ideas for the future

I would like to continue highlighting specific art pieces and individual artists, sharing their personal stories and the adventures they have endured while making their art. I love art, I love being amazed by what people make and do. I would buy it all but I would end up living in a gigantic art museum. So seeing as that is not very practical right now, instead, I will carry on surrounding us all with art by continuing on my quest to show art in beautiful architecture and inviting guest artists to participate. I much prefer a group show, it’s more interesting and fun to share the experience and responsibilities.
Image: of the inside of the sugar factory


Photo by Emma Plunkett

Acompalia Artistica

This group of artists comes together in a celebration of art, music and performance – creativity in all it’s forms. Artists need to be encouraged and honoured for what they give to a society. They provide us with another way of seeing, of perceiving the world and the bodies we inhabit. The human condition needs to be reflected back to us, through individual artistic endeavours. The work of Acompalia, with it’s multitude of volunteers, is invaluable for supporting our end of life needs in the Granada Province and it is now also a valued supporter of the arts. Acompalia is a wonderful and deserving cause to be a part of. Life is too short, so embellish your life with art!

Acompalia Artistica Group photo

Photo by Jo Chipchase

Written by Emma Plunkett
Acompalia Artistica

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