La Azucarera – Inauguration Photos and Video

A Multi Media Art Happening
London, NewYork, Paris, Motril – Even if I do say so myself, the inauguration was a roaring success. It was just the type of event that I like to be at. It was more than just a gallery opening, there was something happening everywhere you looked. My friend Paul said, “It’s like being at one of those Manhattan fashion shows that I used to go to.”

Film shot by Jan Pozivil and edited by Emma Plunkett

The Impact on Entering

There were rippling art flags by Angus Watt and projections on the wall as you entered the gate of the restaurant area. I could see the awe on peoples faces on entering the gorgeous exhibition hall, which is a work of art in itself, renovated by architect Alberto Martinez. Inside is a colossal light cavity, filled with art, music and performers. One woman I know, actually had to take a step back before stepping in, as it was so overwhelming to the senses. Emma Homes, wearing a Niki Bee costume greeted guests in two languages, LilyD’s brightly coloured and really tasty edible art lollies teased the children, who waited patiently devouring them with their eyes, before savouring them. Graceful aerial performers were being sketched by Sebastian Lowsley-Williams, as they had slowed down their routines to become more like weightless statues. Toni Connolly and Luis Gomez played live acid jazz as hundreds of art lovers took in the two floors of art – paintings, photography, sculptures and installations. We are starting to hear about interest in some possible art sales, 10% of which goes directly to Acompalia.


Photography by Jo Chipchase

Click on any image to enlarge and whizz through the whole gallery.


Francisco Ruiz Jiménez, Motril Cultural Counsellor inaugurated the show in 3 languages. Acompalia was represented with a short speech from Fran Rajewski our lovely Acompalia president. Gareth Lister, our curator, explained his challenge as a curator and myself, Emma Plunkett, handed over a cheque from Acompalia Artistica artists for 1281.10€. Hopefully this amount will rise, as we sell more of the beautiful brochures that Jan Pozivil designed and as we get some art sales.

Photos by Trevor Thompson

Thank You’s

All work undertaken on this project has been done on a voluntary basis and thus there are so many big THANK YOU’s that need to be given. Even though I directed the project, it has all been about team work. From the Acompalia committee opening doors for me, especially Françoise Rajewski and Mabel Tarragona, and backing me on this project every step of the way. To Jan Pozivil, my husband, for his practical and emotional support, for designing and implementing the web pages, labels, price list, brochure and the artists submission form. To Gareth Lister and his impeccable taste for curating and hanging the show. To artist Beatriz Constán for translating everything to such a high standard. To the Motril Townhall for their generous permission to use the 19thcentury building for free and to Miguel for running around helping me with everything to do with how the building runs. To Azzi Shanahan, Trevor Thompson, Wes Somerville, Sebastian Lowsley-Williams and Martin Stellar for hanging the show. To Jane Skellet for all her art administration duties and her helpers Kitty Schotten and Jane Kleinschmidt. To Andrew McCabe for his everything. To Trevor Thompson and Jo Chipcase for taking photos, to Jan Pozivil for shooting the video. To Restaurante Museo del Azucar for welcoming all our guests, throughout the exhibition, offering an explosion of flavours for your taste buds in a sophisticated setting. To all the aerial performers, Siobhan, Sophie, Tessa and Ida who have given their skills and energy. And last but not least, to all the artists who tackled the online form, paid their submission fees and showed up with their amazing art to share at this one of a kind charity event. I will carry on marketing this show and do my best by you all.
Written by Emma Plunkett
Acompalia Artistica

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