Nr 7965 Utilidad Pública Granted to Acompalia

After three years of hard work, and the submission of multiple applications, we have just been granted our Utilidad Publica status -Nr 7965. We are overjoyed!

Our registration number – 7965 – enables all our donors to claim back tax on any donations they make to Acompalia. The Utilidad Publica status is vital in order to attract major donors and patrons.

Thank you to our Lawyer Francisco Ortega from AF Consulting, Motril, and our Gestors ADV Gestion, Motril for their untiring efforts on our behalf in preparing and submitting our application. Thanks too to our Treasurer Chris Oliver, who has put in many hours of his personal time to bring our application to a successful conclusion. Finally, thanks to all of you who signed our petitions – both online and on paper – we are sure this show of solidarity from  Spanish and expat supporters had an enormous influence on the result.

We are now starting a campaign to reach out to potential donors of all types (businesses, philanthropists, private individuals etc.) – and any others who would like to help and support Acompalia!


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  1. Congratulations Acompalia and Lindsay for gaining public entity status and greetings from Australia! I enjoy reading your news and try to follow your activities. I am trained Speech Pathologist and have been meaning to write for a while to ask about volunteering during a possible trip to Spain next year. At any rate will hope to be in touch again before then and best wishes for a happy end of year!

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